The Body Shop - Seaweed Skin Care

If it seems natural then I'm after it, I don't think I'm alone in this either. When it comes to skincare I like there to be some kind of earthy element to it, maybe vitamins from fruits or in this case weeds from the sea. I love mud masks, oatmeal scrubs, basically anything that doesn't seem chemically based ( but probably is ). There's nothing nicer than applying a seaweed scrub, smelling the salty smell of the ocean, letting it carry you to salty waves and sandy soles. I much prefer this type of skincare than sweet sickly candy smelling products, don't get me wrong I love those stuff too but when it comes to skincare I much prefer this type of stuff.
      These two are part of The Body Shop seaweed skincare range, this range was purposefully designed for oily/combination skin and helps to restore our skins balance and keep us oil free. I picked the seaweed scrub up during The Body Shop beauty blogger event, I just loved the clay mask so much that I figured I needed another seaweed product to add to my vast collection. I have that many seaweed products I almost feel like a mermaid, not that that's a bad thing right?

The Body Shop - Camomile cleansing butter review

The Body Shop | Cleansing Camomile butter £12

  I have heard the cries of numerous people as they exclaim their love for this product, apparently it's a beauty blogger favorite and one that many people can't live without. I picked it up at The Body shop beauty blogger event that i was invited to on the 7th, after watching my best friends makeup melt away during a face massage and mithering the staff for information on this, i decided to purchase it. The feedback i was getting was just too good!

The Body Shop - Vitamin C Glow enhancing moisturizer.
 As i have mentioned before, my skin is what i like to call flat. When i exercise it doesn't flush, doesn't glow, doesn't sweat. There's never any luminous glow or pink rosy cheeks unless it has came from a product. When i tan i don't look beautiful and sun kissed, i just look dirty and in need of a good bath. Anything that offers me or claims to make my skin glowing, i am all over that like a rash and this was no exception. 
  During The Body Shop blogger event that i attended, there was a little informative speech about the new vitamin C range and a sample pot pass around. I didn't go to the event with the intention of buying a moisturizer as i was still quite happy with my Good Things matte one but after hearing the info, the ingredients and the purpose of the moisturizer, i was sold. 

Black Heart Creatives!
Above image is linked to BHC website if you want to check it out. You should.

 Black Heart Creatives, the brain child of fabulous Plus size blogger and boss lady Charlotte. Jewellery that is hand made, laser cut acrylic and a big fat statement. Black Heart Creatives take requests on custom designs, have a wide variety of colours including UV and glitter making sure they meet every single one of our kitsch needs. Bold, punchy, bright, fun, conversation starting pieces that can be easily worn day or night. I very cheekily sent an email over to Charlotte, requesting a collaboration after I found out she was a fellow plus sized blogger. I loved her stuff before I saw her jewellery, then when I realised she had dedicated a jewellery range to the celebration of plus size women then I knew I just had to work with her!

Body Shop Haul!

Okay, so I already had a lot of products from the body shop but now it's entirely feasible for me to open another branch straight from my bedroom. I had an invite to The Body shop blogger event last Thursday and the discount they were offering meant I could go completely overboard and not feel bad about it.

An Interview with Rowen Graham AKA Binky Lastrange - Thick thighs and twinkly eyes!

      22 and living in London the fabulous Rowen Graham, also known as Binky Lastrange on insta , spends her time reading classic novels and making room in her heart for Harry Potter and hairy hobbits. Partial to a bit of singing too, Rowen's posts sing from the rooftops that it's okay to be yourself and confident in who you are without change. Sassy selfies and great captions inspire ladies to love themselves and wear whatever they want, bare whatever they want. An Instagram following in the thousands is proof that Rowen's hard work in spreading body positivity is changing many lives! 

Closed Door event at The Body Shop.

     Thursday evening I dragged my socially anxious ass to a blogger event I really wanted to attend, I had been invited to The Body Shop closed door event through a blogger group and really wanted to take part. I ran home from work, speedily changed into something less pauper like and jumped the pauper wagon to meet my friend. I plus 1 my best friend Rachell and we sat in Rollers pizza place before hand drowning out anxieties in pepperoni grease and mozzarella cheese. Nothing like a bit of anxious eating is there! This was to be my first blogger event and I had no clue how it would pan out or what the other bloggers would think of me but I sucked it up and arrived anyway.

That's so 70's - My favourite pieces

      Rhythm Blues and Motown were very much alive and on the rise in the 70's, Michael Jackson in the Jackson 5 shuffling across the stage in silver platforms and brown suede flares, feathered haircuts scatter the crowd. Saturday night fever infected everyone and the lust for bellbottoms grew fast. I kind of like the bell bottoms these days but I'm also kind of pleased that some of these fashions have died down, I don't think I could rock a farra fawcet feathered hairdo and blue eyeshadow to my eyebrows if my life depended on it. This year the icon 70's have been revamped and revived for summer / spring, every fashion brand is cashing in on this and the rails are jam packed with rock music slogan t-shirts, floral patterns, baggy pants and Indian patterned shirts to cater to our diverse 70's desires.

Monthly Favorites #2 - April!

   April has been the month I created enough space in my purse for moths to mate, paper, copper, nickel, flying and rolling out after every glance of lip sparkle, whiff of perfume and hover over hyperlinks. I have well and truly spent a small fortune this month, I did however book a holiday to Amsterdam so all wasn't wasted on pink glittery wands of allure. April has seen me finish many TV series, seen me trip on the street in front of an old school friend, seen me receive an invite to my very first blogger event and has genuinely been very kind to me. I have fallen in love with a bunch of new products I had never tried before this month, I love it but am also pretty wounded that my monthly wish list of mandatories is now elongated.

NEW IN VERY - Can't wait for summer!

 In the office drinking a cherry smoothie i purchased to soothe my influenza infected throat, i decided i would shop online at Very seen as i couldn't swallow anything other than flavored ice and had a dinner break spare. Summer definitely is speaking to me, I'm going to Amsterdam in August and mentally imagining the Netherlands sun on my shoulders while I'm sitting outside of a cute little cafĂ© after vintage shopping ignited my summer shopping fire.  Missed payment looming over my Very credit account as i'm too sick to get to the bank on time ( and also working ), shopping wasn't really a good idea so I decided instead that i would make a literal list of everything I'm loving from their New In section.

Rimmel London - Oh My Gloss

   Cupid shot me with a bow from Rimmel, almost every lip product they have released I have fallen in love with. In my opinion they are the masters of matte lipstick, replicating the smell of fresh cupcakes for our lip smackers and delivering all the shades a lipstick addict can ask for. Lipstick is a must have for me, I've never really been a fan of lip gloss. The only time I've ever been excited over a gloss is when it came free with an issue of Sugar magazine I secretly bought behind my mums back.
    I've been really into gossip girl and have developed a massive girl crush on Serena & Blair, so lip gloss kind of happened. I guess you could lump me with the girl who wears army pants and flip flops because Regina does, I'd be fine with that.

Telling Parents you have an eating disorder

Above picture is linked to Beat website for all eating disorder helplines and forums.
        Telling a parents about your eating disorder will be hard but it's crucial as parents and family members can form the all important support circle that can be incredibly beneficial to you in your recovery. There's nothing like having love and compassion close to home or actually in the home! This post isn't for everybody as not everybody suffering from these illnesses will have to tell their parents themselves. A lot of people with eating disorders have very obvious symptoms which don't really need an explanation, they have had them from a young age and parents already have an incline that there is a serious problem. However some sufferers particularly those with bulimia Nervosa are of average or above average weight and because of this, symptoms are harder to spot. Sufferers who had developed these disorders at an older age are also more likely to have to go through something like this because they are more likely to know how to hide and keep their food issues a secret. It you're choosing to tell your parents, then here are my steps that I would recommend you take or follow as a guideline!

An Interview with Dani Galvin - The Fantastic Choose Life Warrior!
        Dani Galvin is the warrior choosing life every single day, 22 and living in Brisbane she spreads body positivity and self love through her hashtag creation #CHOOSELIFEWARROR , honouring her curves and inspiring others to recover from their demons. Recovering from Eating Disorders and reaching a purge free milestone of 1000 days, she really is setting a mighty example for others and proving that things really can get better. Fabulous outfit selfies and Instagram captions have helped her gain a following of thousands who are also choosing life, honest, real, beautiful , I am honoured to be interviewing her!