A big red kiss - Burberry Kisses review.

     A kiss from Burberry, from them to me! I was so excited for my mail to arrive that i counted down the days since ordering, each day hoping that my little gift of cosmetic confidence would fall through my letter box. I've never had a designer lipstick before, never had an expensive lipstick or a fashionable lip product. I've never even tried a lipstick that's above the £10 mark, so you can imagine how excited i was to receive a product like this. I usually pick up colours i like from the drugstore, whatever their brand and price. Having this tiny Burberry lipstick delivered to me was a great opportunity to try one of the leading brands in fashion and beauty, i couldn't contain my excitement when unboxing and imagined the severity of my high end cosmetic obsession if i came to love it.

Disaster Proof Festival Drill - My 8 festival must haves

    It's approaching festival time and the drunken field nymph inside of me is itching to purchase a ticket back to Leeds fest or something equally as disgustingly dirty and fun. I went to Leeds fest in 2013, it was my first festival and all hopes of neon forest raves fuelled by white cider had been crushed by an early departure and the torrential rain. The rain really wouldn't have been a problem if we brought the tent we had originally planned to take, it was a 3 man mansion tent which we would all be very comfortable in ( me, my cousin and my sister ) but unfortunately due to excitement of getting to Leeds early we forgot the tent.

Liz Earle - A product worthy of awards

    I feel like Liz Earle is a cousin I see on a regular basis, featured on every beauty bloggers archives and winning awards every week, it's hard to run a beauty blog and not come across this cleanse and polish. I hardly ever buy skin care, my skin is in the worst condition that skin can be in and not require medical attention. The ' face washing ' shelves in the bathroom only house dead moths and retired tooth brush holders, so when I received this Liz Earle cleanse and polish in April's Birch Box. I couldn't wait to clear the shelves and give it pride of place.

An Interview with Cailey Darling - The Self love enforcer!
      The fabulously wonderful Cailey Darling agreed to do an interview with me on Body Positivity and I am over the moon. The fabulous feminist promotes body positivity and self love by accepting herself and paving the way for so many with her plus size modelling and fabulous instagram photos. Cailey is 26, a makeup artist and living in Colorado, so It had to be an email interview which happened to turn out just as brilliant! You can find Cailey by clicking her beautiful face above. All her images in this post will be linked to her instagram, to give her the credit she deserves. So, go give her a follow!

OOTD - Ghost world & Mary Janes
   Full length photos or any photo that captures below my shoulders have been something that I refused to ever take part in, squeezing my body into a camera frame and searching for the perfect angle behind my friends so I can hide the brunt of my rolls is just something that I have never enjoyed. Back rolls and bingo wings in full HD in a birthday dress I previously thought lovely, it's hard to believe I looked as good as I felt when you the photo shows me otherwise.

Birch Box - April's Royally Good

       Since the days of Sugar and Mizz, I have always wanted a monthly subscription. Rifling through the stack of teenage pop magazines at the end of my bed, I lusted for the allowance to subscribe to monthly celebrity scandal and posters of puppy dogs. The subscription gifts were always so glorious, a glittery rollerball strawberry flavoured lip-gloss from some expensive 2000's brand or maybe a years supply of leopard print hair scrunches and glittery butterfly grips. A bit disappointing to say that the only thing I ever subscribed too was monthly donation adopt a tiger, which never wrote to me or anything. So, now you have an idea of my teenage spangly depraved fashion sense and lack of monthly post, you can imagine my excitement when I found out that monthly beauty box subscriptions were even a thing! I signed up to that s***t faster than Usain Bolt and eagerly awaited my BIRCH BOX.

If i went to Coachella Festival

         Every year, Coachella comes around and I'm hella upset that I don't have to funds to fly my arse out for the party. I'd love nothing more than a cold beverage while drake raps sweet, love sick lullaby's in my ear and Leonardo Dicaprio dances behind me in a disguise and shorts. A summer sun kissed glow straight from the Californian sun and a reason to dress in crochet head to toe, Coachella is on every hedonists bucket list. I mean who wouldn't ever want to be a part of that?

 I've been feeling really inspired lately in the fashion department, as I always am when festival time comes around. Most people do festivals in style, have perfectly manicured hands and a pair of shoes for every day. Whereas me, I just turn up with every luggage space stuffed to the brim with bottles of Bacardi, a tent stolen from B&M bargains with a hole in it and a pair of Primark wellies. I lust over the effort some people go too and I decided I would create some outfits that I would wear to Coachella if I ever went, inspired by my favourite Coachella queens. Everything I have used is linked below so you can purchase if you wish to do so! I had so much fun doing this.

' Berry ' Good Skin Care - Good Things - Vegan and vegetarian skin care!

    I went into my local TK Maxx with hopes of buying some new nail polishes, my claw like hands grasping at every spring shade that i could possible find on the car boot like shelves. Cramp setting in, fingers aching, i dropped them all faster than Simon Cowell dropped Sam Bailey. I crouched on my shaking knees, beetroot face hung in shame as i picked them all back up again. Luckily none of them had smashed and i still had the glorious option of putting them back on the shelf and walking away commotion free. I lined them all up in their original places and proceeded to skulk round the back of the other shelves, that's when i came across the Good Things Super Fruits products.

Hot pepper lips at the grand cru - Bourjois rouge edition velvet lips

 I've been seeing these Bourjois matte's everywhere on Instagram, twitter, a thousand blogs all raving about them. I figured something magical must be inside these tubes, something that warrants the grand reviews they have received. I hurried myself to my nearest Boots and after pacing the isles 4 or 5 times, indecisive and attempting to find something more worthy of my money, I decided to hand the cashier my money. I think these were £9 each which to me is quite a price to pay for a lipstick, especially if you're buying two. I needed to get two though, just so I could do a more thorough review of the product and partly because I couldn't pick my favourite. I settled for 03 Hot pepper and 08 Grand cru.

One Lovely Blog Award


    My day was feeling dark and grey, being back in work from having almost a week off for Easter, not looking forward to spending the following 8 hours booking garbage disposal bins and drainage solutions. I was feeling pretty down, until i got tagged in this cute ass post! 
     Having been tagged in something as sweet as this after only having my blog for a short while, a smile bigger than miss Lovato's spread across my face. I print screened it and sent it to my best friend while simultaneously squealing with glee, a small acknowledgment, a thoughtful thought to my wee little blog. To know that somebody has been crushing on my blog enough to call it lovely is amazing and really filled me with such happiness, feels great to know that my words aren't just sinking to the dirty depths of the world wide web and somebody appreciates the things i write.  

Spring Lip Pick - My 4 fave spring lip products.

    Today really feels like spring to me, the sun is shining and I've conjured up enough mental spring to jump out of bed and clean my bedroom for the first time since February. Fruity room spray, Ariana Grande's angelic voice wafting through the waves of dust I brushed off my mirror, summer drum beats on repeat, it feels like the perfect day to finally get rid of winter! So, what's a better way to pack off jack frost and extra intense lip balm? Extra intense colourful spring time lipsticks, duh! Here are my top 4 lip products that I will be wearing through out spring, all from the drugstore and incredibly inexpensive!

An Interview with Ingrid Sigfridsson - Fabulously pink and glittery Diet Drop out!

           Ingrid Sigfridsson is a Swedish Girly girl with a love for all things 50's, a multitude of tattoo's and a lipstick collection to rival a cosmetic isle this woman is a force to be reckoned with! Spreading positive self love vibes on the daily whilst listening to vinyl and wanderlusting over places she can travel too next! I managed to get an interview with the fabulous Ingrid and ask her my body positive interview, I want to know everything about her body positive journey and how she developed her confidence!

Hit or Miss? Lash multiplying Mascara - Maybelline.

 I've never been one for a mascara, in fact it's my most hated cosmetic product and if I could look healthy without it then I wouldn't wear it. Unfortunately that's not the case and the 3 for 2 offer in Boots washed over me like a plague, stressed and sweating at closing time only holding two products, I decided I would put this mascaras twitter reputation to the test!

Lee Stafford - Argon Oil hairdyer

    Un-boxing deliveries, one of the simple joys in life. You wait for your order, you know what you are getting but it's still just as exciting as opening a surprise!

    I recently ordered the Lee Stafford - Argon Oil hairdryer, it was on sale for £20 at Very and i couldn't pass it up. My previous hairdryer felt like i was drying my hair with a blow torch, the fan was broken in the back, it would overheat and turn itself off. Drying my hair took double the time it should and looked like i'd been dragged through a hedge once finished.
      A long time i have believed my hair is dry, incredibly damaged, frizzy with a gum like texture and i was overjoyed to realize that it was actually just my hairdryer. I can't believe i went so long using my previous contraption and didn't question the burns on my ears/fingers after hair washing day!