Monthly favourites! #1 - March

Am i legit part of the blogging community now? I've a monthly favourites post, can i be in your club?....
If you didn't know i was joking then shame on you. I've seen tons of monthly favourite videos, monthly empties videos, i really enjoy seeing what all you guys have loved enough to use up and what purchases you haven't felt regret over buying this month. I thought i'd join in the fun and post what i've been loving this month, my very first favourites post! Ohh exciting. Okay, so here goes:

Long Hair, Don't care. ( Foxy locks hair extensions review! )

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          I'm new to the world of hair extensions but not so much hair dye, which is why i should have realized that you are unable to further bleach human hair extensions that have previously been bleached. I had a set of Dirty Looks human hair extensions, they were thick and lustrous, i had previously dyed them red with crazy colour and planned to strip them to make base for a beautiful green. I bought a bucket load of bleach ( no kidding, it really is a bucket! ) and some leafy green dye thinking i could easily bleach out the red colour and get the brilliant 90's blonde back that they once were. However, it didn't work out so well for me. The hair literally washed off the weft, i was only meant to be washing off the bleach! The hair was matted with a candyfloss, gum like texture and after my intense attempts to save them, i had to part ways.  It's my birthday in 2 weeks and i was counting on those extensions to fancy up my night time look, so i had to fork out some money on some new ones and figured i'd give Foxy Locks a go. After many reviews on YouTube, some good, mostly bad, i figured i would see for myself if they really were that bad.

Going Down A Storm? Sleek Storm Palette.

        I'm 23 years old and apart from the bright blue eye shadow and blue glitter mascara I peeled from a Sugar magazine at age 13, I haven't really worn eye shadow or colour on my eyes before. I'm a plain lid, winged liner devotee and have worn it everyday for as long as I can remember, however, after endless months of hibernation and gossip girl on Netflix, I felt inspired by Taylor Momsen's much hated dark eye makeup and my anti conformist self eagerly sped to Superdrug. I had plans to dye my hair and extensions green and wanted some majestical mermaid shades to match my seaweed green lock. I stumbled upon the Sleek palette, storm. The blue shades and the green toned golds reminded me of a thunderous dirty ocean, golden foam green mermaid scales and I just had to have it!

Rimmel London - Lasting Colour Rush

These 3 lip crayons i picked up on my frivolous attempt of purchasing a curling iron from the only shop open at 8pm! These were £1.99 each from B&M bargains and i didn't know what to expect as they were just hung up in clear, unlabeled plastic packaging but i still couldn't help myself from speed walking to the till with all the shades i could find! These 3 are from left to right

  • Boom Chick A Boom
  • Give me a cuddle
  • Keep on Mauving

Topshop - Velvet lips ( Velveteen Ribbon )

I'm addicted to matte lipsticks and secretly shopping online during work hours but when you mix the two together, you end up with some purchases that twinge the violin strings of regret and make you consider a refund. I think it's safe to say that after receiving this in the post, not having swathed it properly beforehand, I will not be buying lipsticks online again.